About Lidl

About Lidl

Since opening our first store in Scotland in 1994 we have steadily expanded and now operate over 90 stores across Scotland. Our expansion has only been possible thanks to the help and support of the local communities which we serve. We are very proud of our success in Scotland and the relationships that we have formed with Scottish suppliers and local communities.

As part of our commitment to provide quality and freshness to our customers and to support Scottish suppliers, every Lidl Scotland store offers a large range of products sourced within Scotland.

In fact, the products sourced from Scotland are of such fantastic quality that many are exported to over 9,500 Lidl stores across Europe! Something both Lidl and Scotland can be proud of!

Lidl offers in-store bakeries in all Scottish stores. Your new store in Alexandria would benefit from a bakery and would offer freshly baked products throughout the day. The bakery would stock a wide range of goods from baguettes to doughnuts and cheese twists to Scottish morning rolls.

However, it’s not just our own brand products that are a success at Lidl, we also offer our customers some of Scotland’s biggest brands at trademark Lidl prices.

Customers can enjoy a wide range of 100% Scottish beef, lamb and pork, as well as an extensive range of fresh fruit and vegetables, bread and cakes, and chilled and frozen products.

Every week we offer an array of outstanding promotions on some of the nation’s favourite brands. Offers also include our ‘Pick of the week’, where we offer a variety fresh fruit and veg and meat and poultry at reduced prices, all week long!