The Proposed Development

The Proposed Development

The New Lidl store will sit South of Mitchell Way in Alexandria Town Centre as part of the larger mixed-use development.

The development site extends to 1.08ha and is located south of Mitchell Way, Alexandria Town centre. The Lidl site is bound to the east by Bank Street, and to the west by a number of small retail units.

This site provides enough space for us to deliver our new  store in your local neighbourhood and will have 138 parking spaces including disabled and parent/child parking.

This proposed Lidl store is part of a wider scheme to regenerate the town centre which will include a number of further retail units and residential units.

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Lidl Alexandria - Proposed Store

The proposed Lidl Store will:

  • The provision of a new state-of-the-art neighbourhood foodstore with a 1327m2 sales area.
  • Approximately 138 free car parking spaces will be provided; which will include  disabled and parent and child spaces.
  • The provision of sheltered cycle parking spaces.
  • Creation of up to 40 new jobs, at a minimum of £8.25 an hour and with no staff operating on a zero hour contracts.
  • The layout provides a stand-alone bakery preparation area where customers can see the products being prepared before being stocked.
  • A limited range of product lines will be supplied, which encourages customers to shop with other retailers in the established local centre.
  • Contemporary building design
  • The building will be constructed from high quality, modern materials which will present a clean and striking building and allow for functional use within the site.
  • Internally the store will be bright and airy, mainly due to the large amount of glazing used, which utilises natural light and helps reduce electricity consumption.
  • Lidl stores are also designed to have wide and accessible aisles to allow free movement for all customers throughout the store.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Our new store will significantly improve the visual impact of the existing site;
  • The subject site is highly accessible due to its positioning in the heart of Alexandria town centre and its proximity to good transport links;
  • The proposal will improve choice and encourage competition between retailers, promoting other aspects of the town centre; and
  • This opportunity allows us to meet the clearly defined need for a discount foodstore in Alexandria.